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Sherry on March 23rd, 2012

The time has come for me to close the doors on Ladies on the Tee.  It has become increasingly difficult for me to devote enough time to posting articles and information here on this women’s golf blog.  This endeavor has meant a lot to me and has given me such joy in establishing new connections with fans of women’s golf worldwide.

These connections will last a lifetime as I hope most, if not all of you, follow the Ladies on the Tee Facebook page.  I will try to keep my finger on the pulse of women’s golf there but I invite all of you to help me by posting appropriate women’s’ golf related information there as well. NOTE: Please do not use that page as a marketing page for your business.  That page is closely monitored and spam is removed immediately…. Sorry I had to put that in there to be safe and protect the integrity of the page.

These past 3 + years have been wonderful!  To all of you loyal fans and subscribers of Ladies on the Tee I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has been one incredible ride!!!!

I do hope that one (or more) of you can step up to take over what we started here.  The women’s golf industry needs our continued support and our voices to be heard to keep promoting the growth of the game to the young girls and women of all ages worldwide!!!

Hope to see you on the backside…

As always, thanks for every visit you made to Ladies on the Tee at www.ladiesonthetee.com.  You will be missed!  As Ellen Degeneres’ lovely friend, Gladys, says… ‘Keep on keeping on’!

All the best!  Sherry Tabb






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admin on January 27th, 2012

When it comes to finding the best golf course there are countless factors that can affect your decision. From price and par to location and ranking, there are numerous aspects of a course to consider. FindTheBest is a comprehensive comparison site that allows consumers to make quick and informed decisions on a wide variety of topics. Their user-friendly side-by-side interface features 100% objective information obtained from certified sources. They feature a comparison exclusively evaluating golf courses and driving ranges. The comparison ranks both public and private courses based on course type, price, location, USGA course rating, greens fees, and more. Their information is compiled from Golf Digest, ESPN Travel, Golf.com, and GolfLink.com to create a weighted average of review called their ‘smart rank’. By simply selecting the criteria you value the most, the ideal course becomes much easier to identify.

Check out this slide-show of the top 5 golf courses…

FindTheBest has numerous other valuable rankings in sports, from best ski resorts and best alpine skis, to best treadmills and even the best skydiving. They even have a feature on blogs!

Thanks for visiting Ladies on the Tee at www.ladiesonthetee.com. We thank Leslie Wright for sharing this information with us. Ladies on the Tee does not endorse nor is connected with this service. We are simply passing along information that we feel might be helpful to our golf followers.

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Sherry on December 27th, 2011

Finally (only in the order the books were presented to me) is an instructional product for women golfers… Weight Training for Women’s Golf by Kai Fusser, M.S. Fusser worked with Annika Sorenstam as her personal trainer for over 10 years. It was during that period that her strength, fitness and achievements on the golf course skyrocketed. He has worked with many other world class athletes in sports other than golf also. His approach may be universally applied to all ages and abilities.

Fusser’s book provides a very easy to follow regimen and explanation of what he wants you to achieve through his program. Women of all ages will benefit from this program even if they don’t play golf. Weight training done the proper way with the proper understanding of form and execution will allow you to develop improved flexibility and strength. For me this means better endurance and hopefully, more length and control over my shots.

What I am writing about here is my perception of the book. Personally I have not been able to test his exercises and program to give you my own results. I had surgery shortly after receiving a copy of this book for review and am still rehabbing. Once I am released to do more aggressive training this book will be at my side.

The only disappointment I have with the book is that the majority of the photos depicting the exercises are taken of males. Given the number of females Kai has worked with and…the title of this book…I would think that showing women doing the exercises as described would be a more logical approach to this training program. Other than that I think the program presents a well balanced and segmented approach to achieving the results you want at the level your own level.

Once I give it a go I will be back to share my results.

Good way to start off the new year!!!


Thanks for visiting Ladies on the Tee at www.ladiesonthetee.com.  I think you will enjoy reading all of these books or perhaps know someone who will. All books in this series of reviews have been provided to me at no cost.  However, my reviews are based on my opinion without regard to the source of the books.

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Sherry on December 27th, 2011

Next up is The Nine Tenths Rule by Stephen Mitchell. This story begins in 1874 at St. Andrews with two old and crusty adversaries with total disdain for each other who have placing intoedotion a contest that would transcend generations and risk the livelihoods and fortunes of those that followed. Mitchell blends golf nostalgia with cutthroat deception, intrigue and and mystery. This book is part of a series taken from The Bainbridge Diaries, each of which is a golf themed legal mystery.

What I liked most was the suspense that the author built up in the quest of two families, each descendants of the original two parties to this mess, to find the ‘trophy club’ that would grant the holder the rights to the other’s land, home and possessions. A lot was at stake and Mitchell superbly takes us through the highs and lows, ebb and flow of emotions as the participants became keenly aware of just how much they stood to lose if they were not the holder of the Trophy Club. The tension was palpable!

What an enjoyable read this book was and I do highly recommend it more for its mystery and cunning plot than for any golf historical relevance. The ending certainly leaves you waiting impatiently for the next of the series to be released!!!


Thanks for visiting Ladies on the Tee at www.ladiesonthetee.com.  I think you will enjoy reading all of these books or perhaps know someone who will. All books in this series of reviews have been provided to me at no cost.  However, my reviews are based on my opinion without regard to the source of the books.

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Sherry on December 27th, 2011

OK..I know Christmas and Boxing Day are here and gone but that doesn’t mean that the gift-giving is necessarily over.  Here is the first in a series of products that I recently reviewed that I think would be of interest to golfers and non-golfers alike.

The Swinger is a book written by Michael Bamberger and Alan Shipnuck that is a fictional account that mirrors the recent exploits of one, Tiger Woods.  The main character in this book is professional golfer, Herbert X. Tremont (‘Tree’) who is at the top of his game, the top of almost every leaderboard, on top of too many women to count and happily married with children for a while.

What the authors do is take you inside the locker room, the bedroom and visit the goings-on with this fictional super-athlete as told by sportswriter, Josh Dutra who is hired by Tremont Inc to handle his press and as it turns out to write his story.

Let me say that I was not too interested in reading this book when it arrived on my doorstep.  My opinion of the whole Tiger mess was that another elitist athlete got caught with his pants down and screwed up his life…end of story.  However, I agreed to read and review it and honestly, I am glad I did.  I found the approach to the plot was both humorous and sincere.  It gave me, the reader, a glimpse of what I would believe to be an accurate look into the life on the PGA Tour for a lot of these guys but more so for those at the top of their games.  I don’t condone what Tree (or Tiger ) did…that is not my call but I do appreciate what ‘they’ have given to the game of golf.

The authors have done a wonderful job of letting the reader in on some of the juiciest and secretive sides of professional golf.  Worth the read for a light-hearted tale.


Thanks for visiting Ladies on the Tee at www.ladiesonthetee.com.  I think you will enjoy reading all of these books or perhaps know someone who will. All books in this series of reviews have been provided to me at no cost.  However, my reviews are based on my opinion without regard to the source of the books.

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Sherry on October 18th, 2011

Another great novel by James Ross


Author, James Ross’ newest novel, Pabby’s Score, is his fifth in a series set in East St. Louis at the local golf course, Prairie Winds. We once again meet up with the locals that take up regular residence at the golf course with J. Dub Schroeder and Julie at the helm of the course and the action.

clip_image001Like with Ross’ previously released novels, the author provides a masterfully intertwined story line where life’s lesson, pitfalls and evil intersect life on the golf course. In Pabby’s Score, Pabby is a severely autistic orphan living in a group foster home. He becomes part of the ‘gang’ at Prairie Winds due to a socialization program that is designed to take a couple of the teens from the foster home to a setting that they otherwise would never experience…a golf course.

While Pabby and Shae, another resident of the group home, along with their caretakers make regular visits to Prairie Winds, there is another story going on that exposes the greed, corruption and fraud that is the underbelly of the legal and political system in this part of the world.

Ross masterfully weaves the characters in and out of the sub-plots and keeps the reader spellbound while trying to figure out how they are interconnected. Mid-way through the read it seems the title’s meaning becomes clear….but…wait! Is there more to it than meets the eye?

This novel is not only an easy read but its message of legal manipulations, corruption and abuse of power is timely and spot on. The innocence of these mentally challenged characters adds a stark comparison to the evil that engulfs them and changes their lives forever.

Even if you are not an avid golfer, this novel will not disappoint you. I am already anticipating Ross’ next release….whatever and whenever that isJ!

Thanks for visiting Ladies on the Tee at www.ladiesonthetee.com. A special thanks to Author, James Ross for sending me an advance copy to read and review.  To see all of Ross’ work go to www.authorjamesross.com.

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